Custom Exhibit Rental Designs

Our Custom Trade Show Exhibits Are Cost Effective

Custom trade show rentals usually cost about one-third as much as purchasing a comparable booth, allowing you to get the latest trade show exhibit designs and customizations each year without acquiring a new display each time.

Design A Memorable Custom Exhibit Rental

Custom exhibit rentals allow you the opportunity to make a statement at your industry events with a layout that's built specifically for your needs, rather than forcing you to use a standard display kit.

If you're considering a custom rental this year, here are some of the items you should consider:

  • The Booth. Contact us and let us know what your show objectives are – we’ll conduct an in-depth design analysis - and our custom trade show booth design will follow naturally from there. If necessary we can incorporate exhibit features such as conference rooms, theater areas, workshops, storage, canopies, shelving; even a second story with a double deck exhibit and more to meet your needs.

  • Exhibit Flooring. Build your custom trade show exhibit rental on one of our stylish rental flooring options, including interlocking tiles, wood flooring and raised platforms. We can even brand some of our rental flooring options with your company's logo.

  • Hanging Signs. Bring attention to key messages with a hanging sign above your custom trade show rental. Make sure your company name/logo is visible from across the room. Simply rent the hardware and we can supply the fabric graphic skins.

  • Custom Exhibit Graphics. With a custom trade show rental, all you need to buy are your exhibit's graphics. Outfit your custom trade show rental with coordinated custom-designed trade show graphics that complement your existing marketing collateral. Custom trade show exhibit graphics are reusable the next time you use a trade show display rental, saving time and money.

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