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How to maintain impact at a trade show year after year

Vancouver, BC, April 9, 2012

How can you ensure that your presence at a trade show doesn’t get stale after year one?

Well, if you purchase or have purchased a trade show exhibit the strategy is called spend, spend, and spend some more.

In order to maintain impact at a trade show you have to maintain a certain amount of innovation.  It’s more than plausible to assume that after two years your current exhibit, booth, or display is completely out of date and out of touch with your consumer.

Therefore; by purchasing your trade show exhibit you are spending an enormous amount of money on a piece of equipment that loses value in the face of your consumers faster than a brand new car driving off the lot.

Purchasing trade show exhibits, booths, and displays is no longer the smart business decision that it used to be due to the enormous amount of on-going costs in conjunction with the dynamic consumer audiences that trade show exhibitors are fighting to engage.

The good news is that there is a solution to staying current and responding to your target audiences needs, it is called trade show rentals.

On top of this many companies are selling into multiple markets and each market has varying requirements, which can make it difficult to modify the exhibit, booth, or display and it can be extremely expensive.

Overall, maintaining impact at a trade show year after year requires a flexible program, which allows your organization to adapt quickly and dynamically rather than becoming frozen and stale due to the high capital costs required for purchasing exhibits, booths, and displays.

Trade show rentals provide every exhibitor with the flexibility to change throughout the year. If you had a low engagement at one trade show you could take the feedback and revitalize the exhibit, booth, or display for the next trade show on the calendar. That is the beauty of trade show rentals.

Paul Trudeau is the CEO of Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, where you can find more expert advice on trade show rental programs.

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