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Why trade show rentals are a crucial business decision?

Vancouver, BC, March 26, 2012

In general, companies that consistently review and revise their budgets based on return on investment are the most successful.

During these reviews it is very common for organizations to cut back on a variety of departmental spending and trade show budget’s are usually one of the first to be slashed because arguably, it can be very difficult to evaluate the success from this type of sales and marketing initiative.

Once a trade show budget is cut the question is “How can we get more from less?” and there is a simple answer; trade show rentals.

Trade show rentals offer a variety of advantages and the two major benefits are cost effectiveness and flexibility and the reality is that you don’t have to get your trade show budget slashed before you realize these benefits.

Purchasing an exhibit, booth, or display is a long-term commitment that requires on-going costs such as maintenance, storage, and logistics. Renting an exhibit, booth or display is the complete opposite. It’s a turnkey solution that requires no on-going costs.

Let’s imagine a company is trying to compare renting versus purchasing an exhibit.

Custom Designed Exhibit (Purchased)

Year One Budget

Exhibit purchase price (30x40’)


Storage (one year)


Maintenance (4 shows) at 7%


Warehouse handling


Purchase Total


Custom Exhibit (Rental)

Year One Budget

Exhibit rental #1


Exhibit rental #2


Exhibit rental #3


Exhibit rental #4


Storage (one year)


Maintenance (4 shows)


Warehouse handling


Rental Total


Year One Savings


Evidently, through this simple demonstration a company can save tremendously on choosing a trade show rental program over a purchasing decision, which proves, why renting versus purchasing a trade show exhibit is a crucial business decision.

Paul Trudeau is the CEO of Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, where you can find more expert advice on trade show rental programs.

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